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bambooelite premium

bambooelite premium

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Long and wide plate - band V structure

MOSO large composite bamboo floor is a kind of long and wide floor, by the thick surface layer of bamboo pressure on the multilayer board.

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Stability and durability

This structure makes the floor with good stability and durability.

Large composite bamboo floor

Beautiful v-shaped groove

Its large chamfer (length direction) appears to have a uniform V groove throughout the face.

Installation instructions for large composite bamboo floor


CE marked

Through CE marking the European Union demands various product categories... 

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Indoor emissions - A+ classification

For a healthy indoor climate it is important that products used indoors have very low emissions... 

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High hardness (Brinell kg/mm2)

Exceptionally hard: Brinell >9,5kg/mm2 (hardest wood available).

Guarantee 30 years

This product is of the highest quality and comes with a product guarantee of 30 years...

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