Outdoor bamboo industry national standard setting unit

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  • Board characteristics

    Plate products are flat in appearance, with large ratio of width to thickness and large surface area per unit volume. This appearance features the following features in use :(1) large surface area, so it has a strong inclusive covering ability. It is wide

  • Structure classification

    Wooden planksAs its name implies, solid board is the wood plank that USES complete lumber to make. These plank are firm and durable, grain is natural, it is the choice in decorating excellent. But because this kind of plank cost is high, and construction

  • Bamboo furniture health environmental protection four factors

    Bamboo is now one of the important materials for interior decoration and family decoration. No matter living furniture or office furniture, this kind of bamboo furniture will become the mainstream market of furniture in the future. The development and uti

  • Development board

    The development of1, plank is the solid plank that carpentry USES at the earliest, use make furniture or other life establishment, the definition of plank of today of development in science and technology is very extensive, the plank that has different ma