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Bamboo furniture health environmental protection four factors

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Bamboo is now one of the important materials for interior decoration and family decoration. No matter living furniture or office furniture, this kind of bamboo furniture will become the mainstream market of furniture in the future. The development and utilization of bamboo furniture plate to make furniture has a broad market. Below small make up to introduce bamboo furniture health environmental protection four factors.

1, bamboo itself is pure natural, non-toxic and harmless. Bamboo products need to use adhesives with a certain amount of formaldehyde content in the production, but because the amount of glue is relatively small, the existing production and processing technology, can fully ensure that the amount of formaldehyde volatilization can be controlled within the range of not affecting any biological health.

2, the development and use of bamboo furniture, will improve the enthusiasm of the majority of bamboo farmers, love bamboo, bamboo cultivation, further promote the artificial cultivation of bamboo forest, promote the expansion of bamboo forest area and increase the yield of bamboo, benefit mankind, and maintain soil and water, adjust the climate, maintain the natural ecological virtuous cycle.

3, bamboo furniture products raw materials are all natural, can also be in natural conditions quickly free degradation, do not produce secondary pollution. It is of great environmental protection value to replace plastic, porcelain and fiberglass products with bamboo furniture plate to avoid secondary pollution.

4, zhucaijia adhering to the "material saving, environmental protection, low carbon" design concept, abandon the production of laminate flooring required for melamine, aluminum oxide and other difficult to deal with, difficult to purify the pollution of raw materials, reduce carbon emissions and environmental pollution, in line with the international green environmental standards.