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Structure classification

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Wooden planks

As its name implies, solid board is the wood plank that USES complete lumber to make. These plank are firm and durable, grain is natural, it is the choice in decorating excellent. But because this kind of plank cost is high, and construction craft asks tall, use in decorating instead not much. Solid board is classified according to plank substantial name commonly, without unified standard specification. Besides floor and door fan can use solid board outside, the plank that we use commonly is the man-made board that manual processing comes out.


Plywood, also known as plywood, row of thin core board. Made of three or more layers of 1 mm thick veneer or sheet adhesive hot pressed. It is hand - made furniture at present the most commonly used material. Splints are generally divided into six specifications of 3cm, 5cm, 9cm, 12cm, 15cm and 18cm (1mm for 1mm).

Decorative panel

Decorate face plate, commonly known as face plate, it is the thin wood that real board is cut into thickness to control for 0.2mm with precise plane, it is base material with splint, the adornment board that passes adhesive craft to make and become has effect of one side adornment. It is a special form of plywood with a thickness of 3 cm.

Joinery board

Joinery board, commonly known as big core board. The large core board is composed of two pieces of veneer, which are glued and pressed together. The price of large core board is cheaper than that of thin core board, its vertical (with core material direction distinction) bending strength difference, but transverse bending strength is higher.

Particle board

Particleboard is used as the main raw material with wood scrap, reseeping with glue, additives after pressing into thin plate. Press method can be divided into extruded particleboard, flat pressure particleboard two. This kind of plank main advantage is the price is extremely cheap. The disadvantage is also obvious: poor intensity. It is not appropriate to make larger or more powerful furniture requirements.

Density board

Density board, also known as fiberboard. It is with ligneous fiber or other plant fiber is raw material, apply the man-made plank that urea aldehyde resin or other applicable adhesive makes, press its density different, cent is high density board, medium density board, low density board. Density board due to soft impact resistance, also easy to reprocess. Abroad, density board is a kind of good material that makes furniture, but because the standard of the country about height board is inferior than international standard a few times, so, the use quality of density board in our country still waits for improvement.

Fire prevention board

Fire prevention board is to use siliceous material or calcinous material to be main raw material, mix with the fibrous material of certain scale, light weight aggregate, adhesive and chemical additive, the adornment that classics evaporate presses technology to make is plank. Is a kind of new material that more and more USES, its use is not just because of fireproof element. The construction of fire prevention board is taller to the requirement of stickup glue, price of price of fire prevention board with better quality decorates face plate to also want expensive. The thickness of fire prevention board is 8mm, 10mm and 12mm commonly.

Melamine board

Melamine board, the full name is melamine impregnated paper veneer panel, is a wall decoration materials. Its manufacturing process is to have different color or texture of paper into the melamine resin adhesive immersion, and then dry to a certain degree of curing, will be installed on the surface of particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hardwood fiberboard, through hot pressing and become the decorative board.

Particle board

Is to use the wood processing corner as the remaining material, through shredding, drying, hanging glue, hot press.


Also known as wan li board, is the use of wood scraps, the machine planer Yang wood silk, through the immersion of chemical solution, and then mixed with cement, into the mold molding pressure, solidification, dry and become.


Plywood is composed of three or more layers of veneer plywood, which can be divided into two kinds of hardwood wood plywood and coniferous wood plywood.

Wood plastic plate

Wood plastic plate is the use of hot melt plastic, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride as the adhesive, with wood powder such as wood, agricultural plant straw, agricultural plant shell material powder as filling material, through advanced technology equipment production of high-tech products. Its products' tensile strength, bending strength, bending modulus, impact strength and vica softening temperature all reach or exceed the international advanced standards.

Wood model product has avirulent, bear corruption moistureproof, sound insulation, bear climate, bear aging to wait for an advantage, can be sawed like lumber, gouge, nail, drill, rivet, can replace gas pollution to decorate on the market now, adornment material.