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Development board

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The development of

1, plank is the solid plank that carpentry USES at the earliest, use make furniture or other life establishment, the definition of plank of today of development in science and technology is very extensive, the plank that has different material to pledge in furniture manufacturing, construction industry, processing industry.

2. Today flat rectangular blocks of standard size are usually made into building materials for walls, ceilings, or floors.

3, thick blank board.

4. Forged, rolled or cast metal plates.


Board: solid board, large core board, bamboo board, density board, decorative panel, thin core board, finger joint board, melamine board, waterproof board, gypsum board, cement board, paint-free board, baking board, particleboard, etc.


1. Plate products are flat in appearance, with large ratio of width to thickness and large surface area per unit volume.

2. It can be cut, bent, pressed, welded and made into various components of products, which is flexible and convenient to use.

3. Can be bent and welded into various kinds of complex sections of sections, steel tubes, large i-beams, channels and other structural parts.

The commonly used wall board on the market is roughly classified into cement type, concrete type, gypsum type and compound type according to material.