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Board characteristics

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Plate products are flat in appearance, with large ratio of width to thickness and large surface area per unit volume. This appearance features the following features in use :(1) large surface area, so it has a strong inclusive covering ability. It is widely used in chemical industry, containers, buildings, metal products and metal structure. (2) it can be cut, bent, pressed, welded and made into various components of products at will. It is flexible and convenient to use, and occupies an extremely important position in automobile, aviation, shipbuilding and tractor manufacturing departments. (3) can be bent, welded into various complex sections of steel, steel tubes, large i-beam, channel steel and other structural parts, so called "universal steel".

The production characteristics of

(1) the plate is rolled with a flat roller, so it is easier to change the product specifications, easy to adjust the operation, and easy to achieve comprehensive computer control and automatic production.

(2) the shape of the plate is simple, it can be rolled and produced, and the consumption is the largest in the national economy, so it is necessary and able to achieve high-speed continuous rolling production.

(3) due to the large ratio of width to thickness and surface area, the rolling pressure in production is very large, up to millions to tens of millions of newtons, so the mill equipment is complex and huge, and the product width, thickness size accuracy and plate shape and surface quality control has become very difficult and complex.