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MOSO® Bamboo Flooring

MOSO® Bamboo Flooring

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Sustainable, beautiful, hard and durable flooring

MOSO® offers dozens of different bamboo flooring covering options which are divided into three collections. This enables MOSO® to offer a bamboo flooring solution to everyone

Grand Collection

The Grand Collection provides long and wide floors for a ‘spacious’ and luxurious look, with relatively quick installation.

Bamboo Elite

Bamboo Solida

bambooelite premium

Noble bamboo flooring

Eternal Collection

The Eternal Collection features the strongest and most robust bamboo floors MOSO® has to offer, suitable for use in even the toughest commercial applications.

Bamboo Supreme

Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Industriale

Dynamic Collection

The Dynamic Collection offers an economical choice for customers who want natural bamboo flooring that is easy to install, available in a vast range of colours, sizes and styles fitting to the latest trends. 

UNI Bamboo



UltraDensity Collection

With Bamboo UltraDensity®, MOSO has developed a truly ecological and durable solution for heavy duty natural flooring for indoor or semi-outdoor applications.

Bamboo UltraDensity®